I have served as the senior Engineering and Product Development executive at companies ranging from startups to $500 million global businesses for over a decade. In this role, I have:

     Built and led global, multi-discipline Engineering departments (both web and embedded software, electronics, and mechanical) of more than 100 professionals sited throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region

    Led the design and development of products encompassing technologies such as "mechatronics" (the marriage of high precision mechanical systems, electronic control systems, and embedded microcomputers), robotics, data security (cryptography, biometrics, and smart cards) and large-scale, highly secure Web applications

    Introduced new products exceeding expectations by first leading immersive research to understand the needs of all stakeholders across customers' enterprises. These customers ranged from Coca Cola to The German National Welfare System, from T-Mobile to Wal-Mart, from IBM to The U.S. Mint and customers of all sizes around the world

    Played a key role on the Executive Team, helping formulate strategic and operating plans -- fully integrating technology strategy with business strategy -- as well as executing general management duties

My approach to profitable Product Development – my personal brand – is based on:
   Systematically discovering customers’ unmet needs to produce products exceeding their expectations    More...

   Precisely defining goals and accomplishing them on-time and on-budget through rigorous Stage-Gate and Project Office based regimens   More...

     Cost Reduction
   Continually increasing product margins through regularly scheduled Value Engineering exercises and reducing process costs using LEAN principles such as Kaizen events   More...

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Book  Personal Time Management hasn't been addressed with the same rigor as has Project Management. To fill that gap, I'm at work on "The Straight Line to Accomplishment: Cutting Through the Clutter to Do What's Important." The book's methods can be used in a stand-alone fashion or can seamlessly interface to a classical Project Management regimen.